It’s simple, really. From the time my father stood me on a barstool in front of a few hundred patrons on a busy Sunday afternoon in the midst of a sweltering New England summer, and those magical few minutes of singing and applause that followed, I knew I was born for this. 

I could write hundreds of blog entries, film volumes of testimonial videos or vlogs, or even write albums full of songs about the journey, and I’d never do it justice. It’s not a passion, or a calling, it’s fully and completely a state of BEING. I’ve been a performer my entire life, and I’ll keep it that way until I’ve sung my last note. 

I’ve been blessed with opportunities, and I’ve also taught myself to grind through hard times. I’ve performed in foreign locations I never dreamt I would ever see, and I have sung songs in some of the most famous cities in America, like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, and New York City. 

Every moment, every show, is the most important one I have had to date. Every song is expertly crafted and given the emotion and energy it deserves, whether I’m in front of 1 person, or 10,000. I perform because I love it, and because it’s how I interact and affect the world around me, which always leads to a positive experience. 

I love to entertain, to bring about emotion, and to even offer a little wisdom or perspective, even when it’s slightly disguised as a silly joke or impression mid-song. I’ll always want to be given the opportunity and responsibility of entertaining a room, and while the physical and emotional aspects can be burdensome at times, my heart and shoulders are always ready to carry on singing.